My Therapy Quotes

My therapy quotes



Mon coup de coeur : Tout est possible à celui qui : Rêve, Ose, Travaille et n’Abandonne jamais.

C’est lorsque l’on se perd que le voyage commence.

“Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer”. – Dorothy Rowe

God isolates you so you can get yourself together. It may seem like you lost friendships & relationships but a better you is worth more.

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Introduction – How to be your own boss ?

English version & Version Française 

introduction how to be your own boss

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I believe that your attitude, vision of life, goals and actions are lining with whom you truly are.

I grew up with My mom Rose, she is a stylist, an artist and you all know how can be artists… Very messy, always late and continually want to do their way…  LOL. I remember when we used to go to the fabrics shop, omg I used to hate it so much, we spent hours and hours and our home was a terrible mess. The worst was when she prepared a fashion show, everything like every single thing was last minute.

She grew up in Ivory Coast, with 5 siblings. However, she was the only one preferred to live with her aunt. Her aunt was a teacher. She was not nice to her always humiliated her in front of all the class… My mom didn’t clearly discuss it but I know that she had faced a lot of challenges. You know how is life, I have nothing to teach about…

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